The Subaru Crosstrek does a lot of things right. It drives smoothly. Power and fuel economy are decent. The infotainment system is easy to use. And unlike most crossover SUVs, it has standard all-wheel-drive for ultimate traction performance. What is equally as impressive, however, is this vehicle’s host of safety and security features.

Safety Features and Security Measure Taken in the Subaru Crosstrek

In addition to the seven-airbag system, the Subaru Crosstrek comes with features designed to prevent a crash from occurring—or at least reduce its severity. Vehicle dynamics control and traction control combine to keep you on your intended path of travel during sudden maneuvers, as well as plant your tires firmly on the surface.

With disc brakes on all four wheels, the Crosstrek will stop almost immediately when you press the brake pedal, and the accompanying anti-lock braking system prevents the brakes from locking up during sudden stops. If it’s taking a little too long to come to a complete stop, brake assist provides the necessary amount of power to do so. There’s brake override that brings the vehicle to a stop as a failsafe measure if the brake pedal and accelerator are pressed simultaneously.

Also included in the Crosstrek’s active safety features are a rear vision camera and daytime running lights. The rear vision camera flashes a video image of what or who is behind you when you are getting out of a parking lot or garage in reverse. The daytime running lights, which are integrated into the headlights, are always on to make pedestrians and other motorists aware of your presence. Both features are employed to avert any unnecessary collisions.

For security, the Crosstrek combines the vehicle’s keyless entry and engine immobilization. As the owner of the Crosstrek’s key fob, only you can lock or unlock its doors, and the engine will only start if it receives the key fob’s electronic code.


If you'd like to test these safety and security features for yourself, we invite you to make the short drive to Atlanta to our Subaru dealership. There, one of our sales associates can help you into a Subaru Crosstrek today!

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