Adventure Safely with the New 2019 Subaru Outback

We don't believe in boundaries. We don't follow a specific set of rules. We break open barriers with every new Subaru Outback, motivated by your desire to take the scenic route. While we pack each new Outback with features that foster adventure, we take the most pride in those that keep you safe. At Classic Subaru of Atlanta, we can assure you that the new Subaru you drive away in will get you to your destination, happy and healthy. Below are a few safety features we hope you and your family love but never have to rely on.

Blind Spot Detection

We'd all love a second set of eyes. Blind-Spot Detection and Lane Change Assist arm you with a diligent set of peripherals to ensure you can quickly see the unexpected. Radar sensors will trigger a visual indicator on your side mirror if they detect an object in your blind spot. Lane Assist works similarly as a flashing indicator in your side mirror appears when another driver approaches with speed in a neighboring lane.

Improved Vision

A second set of eyes does no good in the dark. The new 2019 Outback pairs Eyesight Driver Assist Technology with LED Steering Responsive Headlights and High Beam Assist. With every turn, your headlights will move in the same direction, allowing you to peek around corners more easily. Taking a quick step back? The standard Rear-Vision camera moves that set of eyes to the back of your vehicle, making your maneuvers in reverse safer than ever.

Cruise in Control

Every new Outback at Classic Subaru of Atlanta rides confidently with standard Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. VDC electronic traction gives your Outback superhuman reflexes for emergency maneuvers. It is a machine, after all. As a driver, you'll have more traction and control at your fingertips than anyone else on the road, no matter the road conditions.

Visit Classic Subaru of Atlanta at 7700 Roswell Rd.! We have a variety of new 2019 Subaru Outbacks to pick from, and a plethora of additional new Subaru cars that put safety first. You'll sit behind the wheel with peace of mind; from bumper to bumper traffic in the Atlanta metro area to the winding roads of the Appalachians.

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